Drivers of change at the SME Regional Conference

At the end of April, Mais Haddadin, Head of International Business, Middle East, will travel with John Hill, Executive Chairman of Pera Consulting, to present at the SME Regional Conference in Jordan.

Organised by the Jordan Chamber of Industry with support from The Confederation of Danish Industry, the conference will focus on the theme Chambers and Business Associations (CBAs): Drivers of Change.

The conference will focus on the key role that CBAs can play in supporting the growth of SMEs in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region; more than 90% of working enterprises in Jordan and the Arab nations are SMEs.

John and Mais’ session will focus on the need for CBAs to support and facilitate entrepreneurship, innovation and R&D activities amongst SMEs.

The conference runs from 29-30 April 2014. For more information please visit the dedicated website:

For further information please email Mais Hadadin:

+44 (0)7534 264790