International Trade

Growth in international trade will be driven by supporting UK businesses to identify and develop new overseas markets and stimulating overseas investors to establish and grow businesses in the UK.

We design and deliver high impact business support programmes focused around international trade that:

  • Exploit opportunities in high growth markets
  • Stimulate inward investment
  • Support businesses with market entry strategies
  • Facilitate international networking events and trade missions
  • Help investors grow and develop businesses in the UK
  • Broker international partnerships

Over the last 15 years we have facilitated…


tech transfer deals

and generated more than


of exports

and secured



What our clients say

The things we have done and discovered have given us huge confidence in the potential of the business. By focusing on the activities that make growth happen we believe we’ll achieve our three-year 100% growth target. As well as growing 10-15% a year in the UK, we are also expecting growth in existing markets like Holland, Belgium, Croatia and Sweden and plan to target Ireland, Austria, Lithuania, Hungary and North Africa. We are already seeing sales in Spain start to grow and, using the formula we’ve developed to predict sales which says that for every 1 million people we can earn £4,000, we think we should do very well in our target countries.

Andrew Vear

Managing Director of Enterprise Products