Seeking R&D-intensive foreign direct investment

Helping the UK Government further strengthen its dominant position in attracting foreign direct investment by boosting R&D intensive projects.

The UK Government has invested over £20 million in attracting foreign direct investment – one of the largest such programmes in existence.

Pera Consulting helped UK Trade & Investment target the world’s largest companies in terms of R&D expenditure and develop the best way of pairing a company’s R&D strategy with the innovative businesses and vibrant academic community found at home.

We recruited and deployed a team of more than 20 R&D Specialists on behalf of UKTI, supporting them with detailed business and market intelligence so they could connect with these major multinationals.

This insight enabled them to both convey the innovative power within the UK economy and offer each potential investor a bespoke solution to achieving their corporate R&D goals.

By influencing competitive projects and recording over £1.4 billion in a three year period, this programme alone achieved a return in investment of over 70:1. And the UK economy secured its highest ever levels of foreign direct investment, despite a double-dip recession.