UK Trade & Investment

Pera Consulting was lead delivery partner for a UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) contract aimed at increasing GDP by attracting foreign direct investment and growing businesses through export to high growth markets. The contract comprised a suite of five related programmes – R&D, High Growth Markets/Fiscal Stimulus, Sector Champions, Global Entrepreneur and Global Partnerships.

By grouping five related initiatives our experts were able to work across programmes, sharing their sector, market and technology specialisms to generate a greater value than if the programmes had been delivered in isolation.

Key activities included:

Business workshops

Business workshops

Capacity building

Capacity building

A consultation mechanism to help shape Government policy

A consultation mechanism to help shape Government policy

Programme Impact

Through our work with UKTI we supported its efforts to help businesses internationalise and contribute to the prosperity of the UK.

Through the five programmes Pera Consulting supported:

Creation of over


International technology partnerships


of Foreign Direct Investment


High tech start-ups to be established