Starting their own business is the dream of many people. This may be a way of improving the work/life balance, providing flexibility, taking a hobby to the next stage or seizing a new opportunity following redundancy. For most, those first steps to the independence of starting a new business are daunting. Pera Consulting is able to support these individuals whatever their needs, providing flexible and effective one-to-one assistance to ensure that the seeds of an idea can flourish into a successful enterprise. Through coaching and workshops we provide support in all aspects of starting a business:

  • Options for structuring the business
  • Developing a business plan
  • Defining a strategy and vision
  • Finding and winning new customers
  • Dealing with finance and cash flow
  • Marketing strategies
  • Website development
  • Digital marketing and with social media

We may also be able to help you to access grant funding available in your region.

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What our clients say

I thoroughly recommend the Warwickshire Rural Network Programme and in particular Pera Consulting’s coaching service. The workshop subjects are just right for those starting a business; only a couple of hours a month has given me the confidence and support I needed.

Jane Ormrod

Step Toe and Run

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