GROW: OffshoreWind

Pera Consulting is helping to deliver GROW: OffshoreWind, a service designed to help manufacturing SMEs to access the offshore wind supply chain.

The offshore market offers opportunities for all kinds of manufacturers, with everything from 1,000km of cabling and 2,000 foundations to 300 boats and 100 substations required in the coming years, there is huge scope for UK businesses to expand into this sector.

Through the service we offer expertise and support in areas such as:


Identifying commercial opportunities


Intelligence about manufacturing opportunities


Product development


Entry into the supply chain

Bid skills

Bid skills


Access to funding

Programme impact:

Our vast experience in supporting manufacturing SMEs means Pera Consulting is in an excellent position to help them to take advantage of the opportunities presented by a sector which is predicted to be worth more than £100 billion over the next 20 years.

Through GROW: OffshoreWind we have:




Helped to create




£52m of

Gross Value Added

What our clients say

We always wanted to have our own glass toughening plant, but it was always more of a longer-term vision. As suppliers struggled to keep up with demand we were in danger of falling behind on production, so we made the decision to take hold of our own destiny and create our own facility here in Norfolk. GROW: OffshoreWind support has helped speed up the process considerably, in fact I think it’s one of the fastest glass plants ever built.

Alastair Clayton

Managing Director of Seaglaze

Seaglaze design and manufacture specialist windows for the boat building industry. Through GROW: OffshoreWind they’ve built a dedicated production facility, enabling them to bring production back to the UK – setting them on course to increase their workforce by 20% and boost turnover by 50%.

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