Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the process of transferring skills, knowledge and technologies into new applications, often in different industries. Frequently, it requires a creative mindset to make the jump from established applications to the new. It requires business to embrace change, to champion disruptive innovation and to ensure that they have the necessary skills to exploit the opportunities which technology and knowledge transfer affords.

We design and deliver programmes which use technology transfer as a means of enabling business growth and the creation of jobs by:

  • Identifying appropriate new technologies via study visits and through global intelligence
  • Developing strategies for business to adopt new technologies and knowledge
  • Facilitating technology transfer partnerships using technology transfer experts
  • Helping commercialise new technologies and intellectual property for our clients

Since 2000 we have

  • Achieved 401 international technology transfer agreements for SMEs
  • Brokered 5,600 partnering meetings
  • Organised 95 missions to 16 countries
  • Supported hundreds of universities to exploit their IP and access funding

What our clients say

Working in partnership with Pera Consulting has enabled us to combine academic learning with practical business skills. Their coaches have a wealth of experience and expertise, essential in supporting learners to implement skills learnt in the classroom back in the workplace and, ultimately, having a positive impact on the culture of the businesses in which they work.

Simon Longhurst

Corporate Development Manager, University of Northampton

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