Driving Turkish Involvement in EU 7th Framework Programme

Pera Consulting has been a key player in the delivery of TurkeyinFP7, a programme that seeks to deepen and expand knowledge and participation of Turkish businesses in EU research programmes via the European Framework Programme.

One of the benefits of membership of the European Union for Turkish businesses and research organisations is the opportunity to take a full part in pan-European research, including access to research funding. In partnership with the Science and Technological Research Council of Turkey, TÜBİTAK, Pera Consulting has developed and delivered a training and knowledge diffusion programme, TurkeyinFP7, aimed at helping Turkish technology businesses to extend their involvement in EU collaborative R&D project and the commercialisation of new innovations.

At the core of the TurkeyinFP7 strategy is the establishment of a group of ambassadors for involvement in FP7, ‘Multipliers’, who are boosting their skills and knowledge of European projects, using their individual networks to increase successful participation in FP7. Multipliers are staff in universities, research and technology institutes, research institutes, and intermediary organisations such as Chambers of Commerce and professional bodies, people who are perfectly positioned to introduce FP7 to Turkish innovators. To widen awareness further, Pera Consulting has developed a media relations strategy so that, throughout Turkey, all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the opportunities and benefits of the FP7 programme.

Pera Consulting and TÜBİTAK are running a series of workshops for Multipliers, each one focusing on a crucial aspect of winning European Framework funding, for example: Creating interest in FP project partnering; how to develop a winning proposal and contract negotiation. In addition, Pera Consulting is working in more depth, providing training that furthers the information provided by the workshops, focusing specifically on FP7 and project proposal, preparation and management. Framework Programmes are collaborative, and Pera Consulting has also organised a number of brokerage events, bringing together new entrants to the scheme with established potential partners from across Europe, providing opportunities to learn about current projects and meet with other companies looking to put together a project team.

To conclude this package of support, Pera Consulting is also providing one-to-one consultancy with around 100 SMEs. As the leading European Innovation consultancy, Pera Consulting is perfectly positioned to help and support on such things as IPR issues, developing a beginner’s guide to IPR and IPR helpdesk. Pera Consulting has also developed a series of 10 e-learning modules to support Turkish businesses, helping them to take a full part in FP7 and to look forward to the new opportunities that will come in FP8.

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