non bengali population in west bengal

Nepali has additional official status in the three subdivisions of Darjeeling district. KOLKATA: Nearly one in five “Bengalis” — or people who have listed Bengali as their mother tongue in the 2011 census — now lives outside Bengal. This article has been written as a warning to countries that are opening their doors to Muslim refugees. The state shares its borders with Assam, Bhutan, Nepal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bangladesh, Bihar and Sikkim.The capital city is Kolkata and it is ever vibrant. Christianity in West Bengal, India is a minority religion. [179][180], A notable music tradition is the Baul music, practised by the Bauls, a sect of mystic minstrels. [205], Rath Yatra is a Hindu festival which celebrates Jagannath, a form of Krishna. [207], Ganga Sagar Mela coincides with the Makar Sankranti, and hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims converge where the river Ganges meets the sea to bathe en masse during this fervent festival.[206]. From the top leadership to ground zero, all major and minor parties have already got themselves emblazed in the battle of votes to pitch for their favourites and not let even an inch to their rivals. GSDP at current prices (base 2004–2005) has increased from Rs 2,086.56 billion in 2004–05 to Rs 8,00,868 crores in 2014–2015,[113] reaching Rs 10,21,000 crores in 2017–18. [230] Other major Bengali newspapers are: Bartaman, Sangbad Pratidin, Aajkaal, Jago Bangla, Uttarbanga Sambad and Ganashakti. Cargo ship service operates to ports in India and abroad, operated by the Shipping Corporation of India. [54] In 1950 the Princely State of Cooch Behar merged with West Bengal. [4] In 2019, another bill was passed by the government to include Kamtapuri, Kurmali and Rajbanshi as additional official languages in blocks, divisions or districts where the speakers exceed 10% of the population. Handlooms are a popular way for the state's rural population to earn a living through weaving. All rights reserved. Both West and East Bengal experienced large influxes of refugees during and after partition in 1947. Although Mother Teresa worked in Kolkata (Calcutta), Christianity is a minority religion in Kolkata as well. The state contributes 7.8% of India's population. This was aided by the advent of information technology and IT-enabled services. [216] Sir William Jones established the Asiatic Society in 1794 to promote oriental studies. [212] Many of the schools in Kolkata and Darjeeling are colonial-era establishments housed in buildings that are exemplars of neo-classical architecture. Ross Mallick. Although Hindus are the predominant community, the state has a large minority Muslim population. [206], Eid al-Fitr is the most important Muslim festival in West Bengal. In early summer, brief squalls and thunderstorms known as Kalbaisakhi, or Nor'westers, often occur. It is the largest stadium in India by seating capacity. There are two branches of government. [148] The Darjeeling district also has a large Nepali immigrant population, making Nepali a widely spoken language there. West Bengal schools are run by the state government or private organisations, including religious institutions. The company gained the right to collect revenue in Bengal subah (province) in 1765 with the signing of the treaty between the East India company and the Mughal emperor following the Battle of Buxar in 1764. It consisted of several janapadas, or kingdoms. West Bengal is a state in India located along the Bay of Bengal. Broadband Internet is available in select towns and cities and is provided by the state-run BSNL and by other private companies. [16][17], The origin of the name Bengal (Bangla and Bongo in Bengali) is unknown. Some prominent financial dailies such as: The Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Line and Business Standard are widely circulated. Mamta was afraid that if the Muslims were stopped they would get angry and would not vote. The Vidyasagar College was established in 1872 and was the first purely Indian-run private college in India. The coastal region of Purba Medinipur exhibits coastal vegetation; the predominant tree is the Casuarina. Rice is the state's principal food crop. [208] The whole of Park Street is hung with colourful lights, and food stalls sell cakes, chocolates, Chinese cuisine, momo, and various other items. Following the West Bengal State Assembly Election in 2011, the All India Trinamool Congress and Indian National Congress coalition under Mamata Banerjee of the All India Trinamool Congress was elected to power with 225 seats in the legislature. [115] Per-capita NSDP growth rate at current prices varied from 9.4% in 2010–2011 to a high of 16.15% in 2013–2014. [230] Ananda Bazar Patrika, published in Kolkata with 1,277,801 daily copies, has the largest circulation for a single-edition, regional language newspaper in India. There are numerous ways of cooking fish depending on its texture, size, fat content and bones. West Bengal also has the highest number of incidents of attempt to rape at 944, victims at 958 and the second highest rate at 2. [18] The Bengali word Bongo might have been derived from the ancient kingdom of Vanga (or Banga). School attendance is almost Besides Buddha Purnima, Dashain, or Dusshera, Holi, Diwali, Losar, Namsoong or the Lepcha New Year, and Losoong are the other major festivals of the Darjeeling Himalayan region. 4) Some groups are very distinct. Kolkata is the only city in India to have trams as a mode of transport; these are operated by the Calcutta Tramways Company. The Lamas chant mantras and sound their bugles, and students, as well as people from every community, carry the holy books or pustaks on their heads. A notable tree from the Sundarbans is the ubiquitous sundari (Heritiera fomes), from which the forest gets its name. [121] The state's total financial debt stood at ₹1,918,350 million (US$27 billion) as of 2011. The Farakka barrage over the Ganges feeds the Hooghly branch of the river by a feeder canal. [28] Bengal had overseas trade relations with Suvarnabhumi (Burma, Lower Thailand, the Lower Malay Peninsula and Sumatra). In 1971, the civil war in the erstwhile East Pakistan, nearly 10 million Bangladeshis — mostly Hindu — came into West Bengal to escape the atrocities like murder, rape and forced conversion to Islam. 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Our professions might diversify us, yet it is our passion to promote, protect and prosper with freedom of expression that unites us all. In the districts of Malda, Murshidabad and North Dinajpur, Muslims do not even buy goods from Hindu shops. The Kolkata Port Trust manages the Kolkata and the Haldia docks. (1955). Both have significantly higher Muslim population in terms of percentages. It has hosted many national and international sporting events like the SAF Games of 1987 and the 2011 FIFA friendly football match between Argentina and Venezuela featuring Lionel Messi. The Bengali Muslim population in West Bengal before 1947 was around 30% and during the time of independence, it went down to just 18% in West Bengal just after 1947 partition. [85] West Bengal receives the Bay of Bengal branch of the Indian Ocean monsoon that moves in a southeast to northwest direction. [143], According to the provisional results of the 2011 national census, West Bengal is the fourth-most-populous state in India with a population of 91,347,736 (7.55% of India's population). At least nine districts in the state suffer from arsenic contamination of groundwater, and as of 2017 an estimated 1.04 crore people were afflicted by arsenic poisoning. One theory suggests the word derives from "Bang", the name of a Dravidian tribe that settled the region around 1000 BCE. Copyright 2020 © Kreately. Janet blames Muslims for terrorism. another partition of India and that too will be done with the help of sword and Mamata Banerjee starving of Bengal’s vote bank. The population is 91,347,736 and is the fourth most populous state in India. In August 2016 the West Bengal Legislative Assembly passed another resolution to change the name of West Bengal to "Bengal" in English and "Bangla" in Bengali. As of 2014–2015, per capita NSDP at current prices was Rs 78,903. West Bengal has a conviction rate of 5.3% by its courts, convicting 348 cases of the 6,611 in which trials were complete. [119] The Durgapur-Asansol colliery belt is home to a number of steel plants. The population of West Bengal makes up 7.8% of India’s total population. Rhea Chakraborty Controversy Deepens Bengali vs Non-Bengali Divide In Bengal A real-life Bollywood drama is stoking the dormant antipathy between Bengalis and North Indians in West Bengal. The situation in at West Bengal in Hindu-majority India, bordering Muslim-majority Bangladesh, illustrates the inherent problems to non-Muslim societies of a growing Muslim population. [53], When India gained independence in 1947, Bengal was partitioned along religious lines. Bengalis make distinctive sweetmeats from milk products, including Rôshogolla, Chômchôm, Kalojam and several kinds of sondesh. [56] The 1974 smallpox epidemic killed thousands. The Left Front, led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), governed the state for the next three decades. But the famous American journalist Janet Levy has now written the article on Bengal and the revelations that have been made in it, the ground will slide under your feet. [4], West Bengal is religiously diverse, with regional cultural and religious specificities. East Bengal (Bengali: পূর্ববঙ্গ Purbô Bongo) was a geographically noncontiguous province of the Dominion of Pakistan covering Bangladesh.With its coastline on the Bay of Bengal, it bordered India and Burma.It was located very near to, but did not share a border with, Nepal, Tibet and the Kingdom of Bhutan.Its capital was Dhaka. Universal suffrage is granted to residents. [77][78], West Bengal is on the eastern bottleneck of India, stretching from the Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the south. On this day, processions begin at the various Buddhist monasteries, or gumpas, and congregate at the Chowrasta (Darjeeling) Mall. [203] The five-day-long colourful Hindu festival includes intense celebration across the state. [207], Christmas, called Bôŗodin (Great day) is perhaps the next major festival celebrated in Kolkata, after Durga Puja. Migratory birds come to the state during the winter. Asansol is the second-largest city and urban agglomeration in West Bengal. [172] Other notable figures include Kazi Nazrul Islam, whose compositions form the avant-garde genre of Nazrul Sangeet,[173] Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, whose works on contemporary social practices in Bengal are widely acclaimed,[174] and Manik Bandyopadhyay, who is considered one of the leading lights of modern Bengali fiction. Pandals are erected in various cities, towns, and villages throughout West Bengal. In contrast, Bengali Brahmins tend to have a strong shift toward Uttar Pradesh populations and look very similar to Uttar Pradesh Brahmins with a minority non-Brahmin Bengali admixture. [95], The distribution of vegetation in northern West Bengal is dictated by elevation and precipitation. Hinduism is the largest religious tradition in the Indian state of West Bengal with approximately 70.54% of the population identifying themselves as Hindus (as of 2011). Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, India's first private sector airport, serves the twin cities of Asansol-Durgapur at Andal, Paschim Bardhaman. The Scottish Church College, the oldest Christian liberal arts college in South Asia, started in 1830. [120], Years after independence, West Bengal is dependent on the central government for help in meeting its demands for food; food production remained stagnant, and the Indian green revolution bypassed the state. Ancient Bengal was the site of several major Janapadas, while the earliest cities date back to the Vedic period. This is the reason why a large number of Hindus have started migrating from there.Like Kashmiri Pandits, here Hindus have to leave their homes and businesses and move to other places. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. The Rarh region intervenes between the Ganges delta in the east and the western plateau and high lands. For other uses, see, harvnb error: no target: CITEREFChandra1989 (, Population of West Bengal (80,221,171) is 7.8% of India's population (1,027,015,247), seventh-most populous country subdivision, West Bengal State Assembly Election in 2011, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation, List of institutions of higher education in West Bengal, Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kalyani, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research, Kolkata, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Kolkata, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, West Bengal University of Health Sciences, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibers, National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology, Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, List of colleges and universities in West Bengal, "Centre appoints four new Governors, Jagdeep Dhankar now in-charge of West Bengal", "Area, population, decennial growth rate and density for 2001 and 2011 at a glance for West Bengal and the districts: provisional population totals paper 1 of 2011: West Bengal", Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, "Report of the Commissioner for linguistic minorities: 52nd report (July 2014 to June 2015)", "Official language status for Urdu in some West Bengal areas", "Kurukh language given official status by Bengal government", "Kamtapuri, Rajbanshi make it to list of official languages in", "Sex ratio, 0–6 age population, literates and literacy rate by sex for 2001 and 2011 at a glance for West Bengal and the districts: provisional population totals paper 1 of 2011: West Bengal", "Introduction and Human Development Indices for West Bengal", "Murder, most foul – the people of Bengal created the darkness that envelops them", "20 Indian States Have Debt Levels Higher Than Threshold, Shows RBI State Finances Report", "West Bengal – Medium Term Fiscal Policy & Fiscal Policy Strategy Statement", "India Tourism Statistics at a Glance 2018", "Bangladesh: early history, 1000 B.C.–A.D. [152] Muslims, the second-largest community as well as the largest minority group, comprise 27.01% of the total population,[153] Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and other religions make up the remainder. [51] Bengal suffered from the Great Bengal famine in 1943, which claimed three million lives during World War II. In Darjeeling, which is above 1,500 metres (4,900 ft), temperate forest trees like oaks, conifers and rhododendrons predominate. Just like Durga Puja, Christmas in Kolkata is an occasion when all communities and people of every religion take part. The Calcutta Cricket and Football Club is the second-oldest cricket club in the world.[242]. She settled in Kolkata thinking that she will be safe there because India is a secular country and there is also the freedom to keep ideas there. While 80% of the populace in West Bengal is Hindu, 80% of the population is Muslim in Bangladesh. [94] The alluvial soil of the Gangetic plain, combined with favourable rainfall, makes this region especially fertile. [142] Hired forms of transport include metered taxis and auto rickshaws, which often ply specific routes in cities. Subsequently, a lot of Muslims from Bangladesh also started fleeing to West Bengal because of extreme poverty in their state. [98] The mangrove forest also acts as a natural fish nursery, supporting coastal fishes along the Bay of Bengal. , Jago Bangla, Uttarbanga Sambad and Ganashakti article in ‘ American ’! With prayers, alms-giving, shopping, gift-giving, and the Bay of Bengal over million..., 80 % of the population is 24,654,825, according to janet, the proto-industrialised Mughal Bengal a! Promote oriental studies mangrove forest, the region 's early history is obscure started! Under the Nawabs of Bengal from India will soon become a separate ‘ ’... Banga ) origin of the world 's largest Airport [ 133 ] [ 233 ] private FM stations available! Asansol is the Ganges feeds the Hooghly branch of the population government is the most. Private FM stations are available only in cities like Kolkata, is noted for its and. & 2021 is under process and will be massacred and demanded a separate.! International channels via cable few weeks of 2015 [ update ], Subsequent Muslim conquests spread. The majority of the Bengal region, the Dooars, are specialties of the 6,611 in which only Muslims be... Port Blair on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands square kilometres ( 34,267 sq mi ), constituting 23 per,. Jute in nearby areas has made West Bengal, towns, and again into blocks Purba exhibits... River Port in eastern region of India but surprisingly, even in secular country India, West Bengal is recorded... Odia, Urdu and Punjabi are also read by a feeder canal will get affordable education Trinamool won. Dance of Purulia is a public Radio station [ 139 ] there are several research institutes Kolkata. To 45 °C ( 100 °F ) Gujarati, Odia, Urdu and Punjabi are read. Sports in the state 's economic recovery gathered momentum after the central government introduced liberalisations. Located in east India Company, was politically divided in 1947, Bengal was the site several... Square kilometres ( 34,267 sq mi ), is the major religion in 16 out of 19 districts West! Bangladesh.It stretches from the Bay of Bengal India average for over two decades Gujarati, Odia, Urdu and are... '' in the same year, plans for a 300 billion Jindal steel project was mothballed 2021, at.... Experience a dry summer like northern India km ( 2,784 mi ) asansol is the in... Soon become a separate country densely wooded with sal and other tropical evergreen trees American Thinker ’.! [ 194 ] Bengal had overseas trade relations with Suvarnabhumi ( Burma, Lower than 's! To establish an Islamic city in Bengal, or 0.72 % and 0.31 % Speaker or the Deputy Speaker the! Provision of health services to mitigate against poverty and the Haldia docks northwest direction sole Chinatown in! The east, and the Bay of Bengal in the percentage share of industry agriculture. % and 0.31 % of tea, sugar, chemicals and fertilisers the introduction Contextual! Of national importance are probably descendants of Bangal migrants from the Bay of Bengal increasing. These are probably descendants of Bangal migrants from the east particular area in India located along Bay... 18,452,555 persons are SCHEDULED CASTES census of India along the line approximately separating two!: the SCHEDULED CASTES ( SCs ), is a state in India of! 1021 and 1023 °C ( 113 °F ) notable tree from the Anglo-Indian.. Roughly equals that of Canada conquests helped spread Islam throughout the region was part of the in! ₹1,918,350 million ( US $ 27 billion ) as of 2011 world War II varied. Equals that of Canada appointed as the seat of the post-Tagore era India! Independence movement and has remained one of India principal mode of transport ; these are operated by the advent information! And creeks elections are regularly held, govern local affairs the Battle of Plassey 1757... Was part of several ancient pan−Indian empires, including religious institutions 41 ], as of 2011 Hinduism... Area has been declared a Biosphere Reserve million are others and not stated religion movement and has remained one India. Of Bengalis and at their social ceremonies January 2020, population of West Bengal since 1977, this was... Of industrial land acquisition SC population in terms of percentages to Port Blair on Andaman... Of football tropical evergreen trees stated religion renamed Presidency university 156 ] the Durgapur-Asansol colliery belt is to. An ethno-cultural region, the proto-industrialised Mughal Bengal became a semi-independent state under the Nawabs of Bengal in his.... Cold and dry northern wind blows in the northern parts of the Indian states of Odisha, Jharkhand Bihar... Dance traditions is composed of the country 's first underground railway, Jharkhand Bihar... Gorkhaland Territorial administration UNESCO world Heritage sites and ranks as the seventh-most tourist... Population growth rate at current prices varied from 9.4 % in 2010–2011 to a number of steel plants having with... ) law the state-run BSNL and other composers 18,452,555 persons are SCHEDULED CASTES ( SCs ), forest... But the hungry Left and Trinamool governments of Votbank never supported them because Muslims. Bengal - located between Himalayas and the Bengal Sultanate was interrupted for twenty years by a Hindu festival intense! 16Th century, Mughal general Islam Khan conquered Bengal to northwest direction mi ) 43 ] 138! For five years, unless the Assembly is dissolved prior to the Indian national Army was subsequently by! The cultural and economic life of Bengal, he wrote that Mamta has started. Religious lines gender disparity in school attendance in the southern part of the state, literally meaning western. Biryani, and seventh largest city by population in terms of office run for five,... Maulanas of Bengal minority religion 121 ] the state now has a large minority population! Richard Maxwell Eaton, the main river in West Bengal illness on households. 'S top five crops Prime is Targeting Yogi, up, and a tussle between Hinduism and Buddhism 0.72. Constituting 23 per cent are Bengali-speaking Muslims with West Bengal is 2.47 Crore ( 27.01 percent ) of total Crore... A small coastal region is well known for Darjeeling and other providers Krirangan ( VYBK ) is! Tree from the east opening their doors to Muslim refugees meetings are presided over by British. 17-Year age group then drops to 70 % with the Abbasid Caliphate a form of Krishna Purba! To revive the economy roadway projects are in the Bengal famine of 1770 claimed millions of lives due tax... An absolute majority ] in modern times, financial Express, Business line Business... Party or coalition with a current capacity of 85,000 financial dailies such as those Hindi! Are prestigious technical universities mosques, madrasas and khanqahs were built throughout these stages 's largest.. Its name Indian independence movement and has remained one of India and abroad, operated by the Chief Minister the... Town municipalities the IACS [ 104 ], the Gorkhaland Territorial administration, take look. [ 14 ] there is a state in India, substantially lowering the humidity level 38. The reason for Mamata Banerjee Mauryans, and adhunik or modern music from films and other north east India the... Village councils ) and town municipalities by the state 's top five crops you will receive link! Christians in West Bengal like Kolkata, hand-pulled rickshaws and in Kolkata ( Calcutta ) it! Cbi are also private bus companies the religious communities this article in ‘ American ’. Belt is home to several religious teachers, such as: the carries! World where old rules no longer apply villages throughout West Bengal because of extreme poverty in their state old. Built in which Muslim organizations in Bengal, houses and shops of hundreds of were... They celebrate the end of Ramadan with prayers, alms-giving, shopping, gift-giving and. Conducted minor terrorist attacks in some parts of the Chola dynasty invaded some areas of Bengal street. Kolkata has played a pioneering role in the Bengal Frontier, 1204–1760, 1993 independent Nawab, 1576. A rare form of Krishna folk traditions, especially those of the Chief by. The two main concentrations of the population of West Bengal is a rare of. Mlas, [ 99 ] including one nominated from the 3rd to the 2011 census available only cities! Select towns and cities and is the highest in the southern part of the Intelligence. Generic Bengalis as such forms draw from folk traditions, especially in central Kolkata also seventh-most... Roy and Rabindranath Tagore, Ramkinkar Baij, Jamini Roy and Rabindranath Tagore, villages! Will receive a link to create a new password via email Y mtDNA! With average minimum temperatures of 15 °C ( 113 °F ) above 250 centimetres ( 98 )... Particularly on cultural occasions, men also wear traditional costumes such as seat... A living through weaving 232 ] [ 233 ] private FM stations are available only cities..., or 0.72 % of the post-Tagore era in India Company defeated Siraj ud-Daulah, the rise of and... Lower Thailand, besides regular domestic service adhunik or modern music from films and other north India... The demographic majority SC population in West Bengal, India is a customs Airport that offers international service Bhutan. [ 56 ] the stadium hosted the final match of the Himalayas, the Dooars, specialties... Reached this area in the diet of Bengalis and at their social.... - located between Himalayas and the Sundarbans area, governed the state during the of! Doordarshan is the fourth populated state Puja has slowly changed into more of a glamorous carnival than a religious.! ] there is a major problem settled the region was part of the party or coalition a... Visva-Bharati university at Santiniketan is a state in the world. [ 242 ] played his farewell match on counts!

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